Saturday, April 10, 2010

Misal pav to Idly sambar

There was a time I used to have misal pav in the morning. I more eat Navenna(small hotel near Asian paints Ho) Misal pav. Now I am having only spicy south Indian idly sambar. My life has changed a lot not only from misal pav to idly sambar but many ways

My work timing got changed. Working style changed. Friends group changed. Hangout places changed. Now I can visit home every weekend. But previously not. Mobile bill reduced. (now I m paying one fourth of the amount that I paid earlier) Bollywood becomes Kollywood. But cant see movies on releasing week end. Got new friends, After a long time seen some of my friends. Mobile phone friends & relatives become direct. Life is moving slow not Mumbai’s fast faced life. Having a lot of time these days. Hindi to Tamil (got new north Indian friends. still speaking Hindi ) Playing cricket every weekend . No more auto rickshaw travel. Cosmopolitan city to metropolitan city. Missing Mumbai Night life. Traveling inside the city is pain. Climate was too good but now it is hot. Salla becomes macchi. Staying very close to the famous Marina beach. North India to South India. Finally my Friday nights becomes Saturday nights

Why I m talking about many changes. How suddenly I come in to a new world which completely different from the previous one. All my friends already know what change I am writing about. Some of them may guess this change.

I recently shifted from Mumbai to Chennai.

Thinking what this change brings to me. Yes it is a new life. But really missing Mumbai. Change brings me a new world. Change changed the way I am working. Change changed the way I m living. How life is changing based on our decisions? Why every life cycle have a state which is changing. Why i can be a variable?

Change is a part of my life. After the change who look only to the past will miss the present. In all the events I am comparing my present with the past (I would have been in Mumbai I could watch IPL). Really missing my past life. But missing the present by fully thinking about past. All things change. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward. All things are brought into being with a changing nature.

Change spontaneously occurred in my life, but that’s external and it’s within my control to decide how I respond to it – but again, that’s my choice. How i am responding well to my change. Settle my mind in to new life. Practicing my mind does not think too much about my past. Living in Present.

All z well

Missing misal pav but enjoying idly sambar.