Friday, January 28, 2011

Many questions turn to a full-stop.

I see many people on the road side. In every signal at Chennai I see people from the age of 6 to 70 begging outside the Car windows. These people are part of my life. Every day I used to see one such people.

Two months back there was continuous rain in Chennai, I was thought about these people where they sleep. Since the sky is the ceiling for this people, how they can sleep. Where they will stay and sleep during the continuous raining days.

Most of us believe in GOD. If these people believe in God then what is their prayer to the lord. What is the biggest thing they want in a day? Is it a food? Is it a money? Or something else.
Or these people cannot believe in GOD due to their current condition? What is going into their minds daily? Is their thought focus on only the material things? Does they think differently? At the end of the day what makes them to go to sleep and waiting for the Sun Rise? If they get good money on a particular day how they celebrate? Will they share to all? What kind of plan they have to use this money?
Is any day they thought about the death? For whom they are living? What is motivating them to live ?If they does not get the food for the day, how they are solving the big problem called HUNGRY? How many times they tried for suicide? Why they are not trying to get a job even though they have a good physique.

There are many old women they came out of the house or sent out of the house . If they are sick how they handle the situation ? Will they go to Hospital? They also begging in the road. Suppose when they begging if they meet his/her son or daughter what they feel? Will they speak to their children? If they meet their relatives or known persons on the road what kind of feeling they have? Or they ran away.

Very small children also begging in the road without knowing what they are doing? Most of these kinds of children are acting. They used to be happy and when they beg they used to change their face into very sad. Then only they will get the money. How brave their parents are? Sending their own children for begging? Or these children do not have parents. When they grow what kind of mentality they have? What kind of feeling they have when they look at the normal children?

One Sunday I went to beach with my wife. A small boy not more than 10 years old begged to us for money and he said he is working, his figure is not poor, he looks healthy and though he is working what the need for him to beg? Also one more small boy his age may be 7 or 8 beating a drum and asking for money , he never stopped beating until he got a money .if we ask him anything he didn’t speak he didn’t hear to what we speak . He was continuously beating the drum. What makes the heart of that little boy stubborn?

There is a strong thought in these young minds. People will give money if we ask. If they will not give money trouble them until to get the money. They are growing with this thought and one day they will become a criminal.

We are seeing many such people in our life begging and even with new born babies … and still we are the passer-by.
What we can do to stop these children and save our society?

I know it is easy to ask question but difficult to answer. So Every questions turns to a full-stop.

Question mark symbol(?) having a full stop(.) in the end.

Give a strong message to these people that the world around them is stop(.) giving.