Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dancing…..with problems

Problem - A page in my life book. There are too many ways to solve the problem. How to solve it? Do I want a permanent solution or a temporary solution?
Since I m in the programming world (speaking to computers) for the last 6 years I used to get so many issues in the application. There are users called over phone and shout why this error is happening in this application. When I dig into solve the problem first thing that came to my mind is let solve this issue and get rid of from the barking user.
Getting this in my mind I will never go for a permanent solution for the issue. I want to solve this issue. Is it permanent or temporary solution, it doesn’t matter for me. I want to come out of this problem. My luck or fortunate it might be a permanent solution for that issue.
Suppose it is not a permanent issue, then the same issue will come again for some other users. I know the way to solve which is a temporary solution. I have to do the same thing again. Doing the same thing again and again is obviously a boring one. If the user is a same kind of barking user then I have to solve immediately. If the user is kind enough to give time to solve the problem, then I have time to find a permanent solution.
When a problem occurs, I want to solve the problem by giving a permanent solution. But it will take time. I have to analyze the issue and find out the root cause. My big boss used to tell me “Do the Root Cause Analysis (RCA)”. Do the RCA and solve the problem. Whatever time it takes find the permanent solution.
I have to stay with problems longer. Problems are opportunities to do better things. They are stepping-stones to greater experience. Fill my life book with a lot of problem pages. At the end of the each problem page I am trying to give a permanent solution.
Problems are my dance partners.