Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I need a pain always in my life. One thing in the world which no one desires to have is a Pain. Recently I was on the pain of death. Had a worst ever teeth pain. Which was killing me. To change the focus out of the pain, I started to think the positives of the pain. Sharing my wonderful pains…..

Hugged so tightly like anaconda trodden the body of a men. Feel the pain of the hug from the person whom I loved out of the world. I want this kind of pain.

Stretch my body , do the exercise until my muscle hurts. Run.. run… run… until my body pains and feel what the pain brings to my life.

Child birth is a very important stage in the life of a woman. Woman has two life’s in her hand while carrying the child. Yes child birth is the most difficult pain but after giving the birth the women turn in to a Mother that make that lady next to God.

Lift a heavy weight basket with full of vegetables. Lifting a basket is paining. But enjoying the pain in hand because going to put the basket on top of the old lady’s head who is selling vegetables in the road. I want this kind of pains.

Laugh till I cry. Laugh until my head comes off. Laugh till I choke. Laugh until my stomach hurts. Laugh out loud till the world ends. Choose any one of the above type of pain. Feel the pain of the laugh . I want this pain often.

Lift the baby and have the baby in my hand for more than some time. Yes it is paining. But seeing the baby activities and speaking with the baby cannot be replaced by any wealth of the world. I want this pain.

Taking care of the old people, mentally challenged people and babies is a pain. Because they do not know what they are doing. But this pain will turn into happy when I see the smile on their faces.

Sometimes working is a pain. People works as labors are working with full of body pain in roads and buildings. But they keep a nice thought in the heart that this pain is for their family. I like these kind of pains.

Parents sometimes very strict to their children by scarifies many things. It is a pain for the parents to correct their child in good way.

No pain, no gain. One of the famous proverb telling me to work hard to improve. without pain, I cannot get the gain which is true in my life all times.

Share someone’s pain is really the pain I want to do more. To understand someone’s emotional discomfort and sympathies someone’s pain will give some sort of relief to that person.

Best practical teacher in my life is pain. Pain tells me it is time to change . some pains teach me a lesson how to live the life .Enjoy these kind of pains when it comes to my life. True happiness is lies on these kind of pains. Thank God for teaching me the lesson of the pain through my teeth pain.