Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wake Up Wils!

Getting up in the morning is not an easy task. A tiny thought which is in my un-conscious mind used to wake me up. The name of the thought is Mr. Health Freak. Mr. Health Freak used to wake me up some days. Then the coming days I get up before the mobile alarm rings (un believable.. ! Beautiful Mind). But after some days Mr. Health Freak will go in to a sleep mode. It ll not wake me up. Again in the next week Mr. Health Freak will come & wake me up. This is happening many times. I want to make it consistent. Now i have two choices.(One more if condition)

Power of Dawn
The dawn is a gentle lover. Most people do not consider dawn to be an attractive experience unless they are still up. Dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. I go out for walking cum jogging session. These days I can see many people are jogging because of Mumbai Marathon fever. Jog till you tired and walk is my routine.
My Friends
While jogging I see my friends gang in one particular place. My tiny friends are always welcome me with great grin which reminds me of the Win-Win training to have a smile on my face always. They are standing in an order that I can see everybody’s smile at the same time. I say Hi and speak to them about their beauty. I like their costumes very well. Want to have the same costume. My friend’s costumes are designed by the best fashion designer. Some of my friends have color heads some of them do not. Those who does not having heads have attractive body with full of colors. I like to spend time with my friends. But they are on SALE !
Do you want to see my friends? Here they are,

(Nursery Garden in the road side)

Jogging with Jawans
After the Mumbai 26/11 attack, NSG (National Security Guard) also operated from Mumbai. The place where I m doing my morning jogging session is the same for them. Seeing these soldiers make me think about of what I have done for my country? Thinking while jogging is helping to run more. It is nice to jogging with the Jawans . My salute to the brave hearts. “ O lord protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the brave acts they perform for us in our time of need”

Nice sleep (Else condition)
Sleeping after wake up in the early morning will give more pleasure. Sleeping with full cover of bed sheet and fan in full speed at the time of winter cant replaced by any other type of sleep. Sleep until 8 am is in winter time is the else condition. Checking friends sleeping or not, if they sleep tell myself “Why are you got up? Sleep…see Suresh is still sleeping”. My friends also sleeping in the same thought that sleep until others get up. :-) Everybody knows the winter morning sleeps.
Now the choice is mine. Can I go for IF condition (Power of Dawn) or else condition (Nice Sleep).Life is giving me many choices and chances. There are always two choices. One is easy. Another one is hard. It is my choice that shows what I truly am, than my abilities. Heaven on earth is a choice i must make, not a place i must find. Wake up Wils !

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dancing…..with problems

Problem - A page in my life book. There are too many ways to solve the problem. How to solve it? Do I want a permanent solution or a temporary solution?
Since I m in the programming world (speaking to computers) for the last 6 years I used to get so many issues in the application. There are users called over phone and shout why this error is happening in this application. When I dig into solve the problem first thing that came to my mind is let solve this issue and get rid of from the barking user.
Getting this in my mind I will never go for a permanent solution for the issue. I want to solve this issue. Is it permanent or temporary solution, it doesn’t matter for me. I want to come out of this problem. My luck or fortunate it might be a permanent solution for that issue.
Suppose it is not a permanent issue, then the same issue will come again for some other users. I know the way to solve which is a temporary solution. I have to do the same thing again. Doing the same thing again and again is obviously a boring one. If the user is a same kind of barking user then I have to solve immediately. If the user is kind enough to give time to solve the problem, then I have time to find a permanent solution.
When a problem occurs, I want to solve the problem by giving a permanent solution. But it will take time. I have to analyze the issue and find out the root cause. My big boss used to tell me “Do the Root Cause Analysis (RCA)”. Do the RCA and solve the problem. Whatever time it takes find the permanent solution.
I have to stay with problems longer. Problems are opportunities to do better things. They are stepping-stones to greater experience. Fill my life book with a lot of problem pages. At the end of the each problem page I am trying to give a permanent solution.
Problems are my dance partners.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Final Destination

I love going to the movies whenever I can. I used to see English, Tamil & Hindi movies with munching of popcorn's. In big screen I deep dive in to the movie and get in to the characters of the film which cannot feel it in TV.
Recently I saw an English movie final destination 3D. I never had seen a 3D movie before. On fine rainy Sunday I went to see the movie Final Destination with my friends in Fun Republic. We got a 3D specs when we enter in to the movie hall. I felt bit scary because first ever 3D movie which is full of deaths. Also I felt some unexplainable felling that how the 3D movie looks, what is the difference.
The movie started. I was in 3D specs and some doubts in my mind. There was no title at the start. The first seen itself made me scary. There was a race car crash. All parts of the car bumped from the screen towards me. There was no distance between me and the screen in the 3D movie with specs. I can’t take the eyes off, watching very close to my eyes.
Like the previous versions the hero has a premonition of an accident that will cause a death of himself & his friends. How he will save himself & others is the story of the movie. The hero‘s vision comes true & kills his friends. 3D makes the movie more thrilling.
There was some fun incidents happened while seeing the movie. I was covered my eye by hand because some flame came to my eyes in one of the scene. My friend was bending down because parts of the car bumped in to him. Thanks to the 3D technology. It made a different experience.

There are different feelings in my life. Glad,sad,resentment,regret,fear,guilty. Fell all the emotions in my life. Not always glad, sometimes sad. Life is mixer of all the emotional sensation. I thrilled when i saw the movie final destination. Live the life with all emotions sometimes with thrill as well. Horror thriller, Final Destination.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I can ask Questions

I can ask questions. Some questions for me & all.
How many of us are saying sorry when we wrongly collide with someone in the road?
Mumbai life is like a bullet train. In fast faced life in Mumbai we don’t have time to say sorry to a person.

How many of us are spending time with our Grand Parents?
In our busy life we do not have time to speak to our Grand Parents. Such a great wisdom is near to us. My grant mother has a unique skill that she can tell you the medicine (which is available in the kitchen) for all sicknesses. But who cares that..

How many of us are watching the activities of a small kid near us?
They are energetic, enthusiastic and fearless human being in the world. We can learn a lot from a small kid. Watching their activities is equal to do a meditation.

How many of us are spending time with Nature?
Waking up with the Sun which brings light to the world, Feeling the fresh air in the morning, Watching the sunset, Visiting to a hill station & spending time on God’s lap (Nature) without fluttering.

How many of us are having a tree friend?
We don’t have time to meet our friends, then how do we get a tree friend. It is very simple to plant a sapling which will not only be a friend to us, but it will be a friend to our great grand children.

How many of us are giving the excess foods to the orphanages?
Celebration without reasons, Breakup Parties. Celebration without food is impossible. Why don’t we give the excess foods in the parties to the orphanages or child homes? Why don’t we spend some part of the celebration money to an orphanage for their food? So they can get some good food on our special day.

Asking questions is very easy. But saying the answer is difficult. Sometimes questions are more important than answers. But I try to find good questions and not answers. Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions in My LiFe.