Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Animal

God created the earth and found that the earth was empty. So He wanted to fill the earth with the animals and birds. So he created all animal and named it according to their character. The same way God created the birds and insects also. God named it according to their features.

After that God thought of creating a Man to live in the earth. So He created the man. Initially God allotted only 50 year to man for living. For animals he allotted 30 years, 20 years and 10 years for living. Then each animal went to God and said that you provided very long years of living. We did not want all the years of living. They requested God to reduce their life period in earth. God also found that it was reasonable to reduce their life time. So He reduced the living period in earth.

Man was seeing all these events. And he went to the God and asked “Why don’t you give those years which were decreased from the animal’s life to me?” God smiled and gave him the animal’s life also.

Man is not only living the life of his own but also living the life of the Animals in the Earth.

The animal in the Man is taking the control. The human being in Man is always in a passive mode.

THE Dog: barking when the mind is full of anger

THE Lion: Roaring in anger and hunting the enemies

THE Giraffe: Highest person in the world with head weight

THE Pig: Pigs pass on a variety of diseases to humans as Man pass on his negatives to others

THE Goat: Just follow the others without thinking why doing

The man is reacting according to the situation. Many times the man is acting as an animal in the situation. The human inside the man is passive many times. Only the animal inside the man is taking the advantage and dominating the situation. This is the reason for all the violence in the World.

In daily newspaper much news related to the Murder. Man murdered his Wife. Man murdered his Father. Even Man murdered his own Son. I wonder how come this is possible. But the animal inside the Man is doing all these murders. After this Murders if we ask the Man about it, then he says am I done this? The Animal inside the Man never ever allowed the Man to think. Only the Animals are eating their own child. Now the Man is also doing the same.

Sometimes the society is making the Man to become an Animal. After seeing his family members murdered in front of the Man, his wife was raped and killed by the gang and his children killed in the religious violence, the Man becomes only the Animal in heart and Mind. Man becomes the victim of all these incidents which wakeup the Animal which is sleeping inside. The only motive of this Animal in Man is to kill all their enemies. Animal does not have the ability to think.

Killing the Animal,
Killing the Animal,
Man try to grow the Human,
Inside of Man,
Killing the Man,
And eating the Human as food,
It is the Animal,
Which grows,

God help Us to Kill the Animal inside Us.
And make Us better Human beings not the Better Animals