Monday, November 5, 2012

The Box

          There is a box full of air. It is a closed box. It is not easy to come out of the box. And a tiny piece of paper is inside this box. Initially it is very easy for the paper to stay inside the box. But it has to face one big challenge inside the box. That is the Air inside the Box.

        It is not easy for the tiny paper to stay inside the Box.  Because of the air, it is starting to move. The goal of the Air is to control the objects in the Box. To attain this goal air is moving. All the objects in the box have to move. Without the knowledge of the particle inside the box is moving. The tiny paper does not want to move. It has to stay calm. 
      The moving air is trying to control the paper. The wind starts and moves the paper inside the Box. It is good for the paper to move with the wind so that it can see the entire box. It moves from the left to right and the top to bottom. All the particles in the Box are moving, as the paper. But the paper does not want to move.
      The wind never allowed anything inside the box to stay calm. The paper is trying to be stay at one place, but the wind is taking the paper from its place and thrash it to somewhere in the box. The paper has to be on the flow of the wind. It likes to be on the flow of the wind many times, but sometimes it feels that it has something to do.
      Being in the Wind is always happy. You can fly all around the Box. Also it is not easy to go away from the wind since the box is full of air and air only. Either the objects have to go with the wind or against the wind. Most of them are go with the wind and enjoying the box fully. After some time the paper inside the box realizes that it is inside the box for some specify reason. And it says to all in the Box loudly that

“I am here for a purpose”

        The box is the World and the paper is me. The wind inside the box is the worldly things I do every day.  I am here in this world for a purpose, and searching inside me. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

What is your address ?

“What is your address? “. If someone ask this question to us then we say I belong to x street, y colony and z city. Everyone is having the address. Objects are also having the address in the form of barcode, ISBN, product code and etc. People living in the roadside are also having their own address like name of the platform or name of the railways station or bus stand name. Even Computer machines have a unique address called IP address in their network. Roadside dogs have their address like Statue of the Gandhi dog or Elliot's Beach Dog. So everyone needs an identity in this World.

Identity comes from many sources. The default one is from the place where we are living. This is true for objects also. After the civilization the man has his identity based on his type of work. Because of this reason there are a lot of casts and communities born. People are identifying by communities also. Money is playing a huge role in identifying the people. Government also split us by poor, middle class, upper middle class and RICH. People want them to identify by money, fame and their prestige. Because people want uniqueness in their identity by using the status.

Boy: Hi.
Girl: ?
Boy: Hi!
Girl: Do I know you?
Boy: I'm Rich!
Girl: OH! I'm Mary, i'm 15 yrs old, single. Wanna hang out? I love your hair BTW ♥
Boy: My name is Rich!
Girl: Oh! Sorry I don't talk to strangers!

Since the people get their identity by money, the objects also get their identity by the status. There are products designed for the High class people or only for privileged users. I came to know that one world famous car company is selling cars after checking their status. Ordinary man cannot buy this car. Billionaire club and millionaire club is very famous now. People want identity by money, community and fame more that the identity by place.

But this is not the real identity.

People have to get their identity by the amount of love in their heart not with amount of money in their pocket. Identity of the people should not come from the number of cars he is having, the size of his building, amount of assets, political power and his status. The identity should be measured by how people are helpful to others and how people are living in others heart by loving. Go to any street and ask about the man “Who is He?” The reply should not come like he is the one having bungalow in our street. The reply should be he is the one living in our heart, not only my heart many hearts because of his loving others quality. This is the real identity every people have to seek. This is the identity which will make the world to breathe the Love.

The status of the people has to be measured by how many people’s heart he is living not with where he is living and how he is living. Those who are living in many hearts are the richest people in the World. People has to be live in other hearts by helping others and by loving others, if you ask someone who is Mother Teresa, then no one will tell about the money she was having. But everyone will tell about the Love she gave to others. This is the real identity. The identity by the Love has to decide the status of the people. I think Mother Teresa is the one of the richest person in the World. Because she is living in many hearts. This identity will not fade. If the world gets this identity, then in the future no one will be asking the address of the people, because everyone is living in everyone’s heart. Let us love one another and we will join the Billionaire Club of Love.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

Mother Teresa

Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Animal

God created the earth and found that the earth was empty. So He wanted to fill the earth with the animals and birds. So he created all animal and named it according to their character. The same way God created the birds and insects also. God named it according to their features.

After that God thought of creating a Man to live in the earth. So He created the man. Initially God allotted only 50 year to man for living. For animals he allotted 30 years, 20 years and 10 years for living. Then each animal went to God and said that you provided very long years of living. We did not want all the years of living. They requested God to reduce their life period in earth. God also found that it was reasonable to reduce their life time. So He reduced the living period in earth.

Man was seeing all these events. And he went to the God and asked “Why don’t you give those years which were decreased from the animal’s life to me?” God smiled and gave him the animal’s life also.

Man is not only living the life of his own but also living the life of the Animals in the Earth.

The animal in the Man is taking the control. The human being in Man is always in a passive mode.

THE Dog: barking when the mind is full of anger

THE Lion: Roaring in anger and hunting the enemies

THE Giraffe: Highest person in the world with head weight

THE Pig: Pigs pass on a variety of diseases to humans as Man pass on his negatives to others

THE Goat: Just follow the others without thinking why doing

The man is reacting according to the situation. Many times the man is acting as an animal in the situation. The human inside the man is passive many times. Only the animal inside the man is taking the advantage and dominating the situation. This is the reason for all the violence in the World.

In daily newspaper much news related to the Murder. Man murdered his Wife. Man murdered his Father. Even Man murdered his own Son. I wonder how come this is possible. But the animal inside the Man is doing all these murders. After this Murders if we ask the Man about it, then he says am I done this? The Animal inside the Man never ever allowed the Man to think. Only the Animals are eating their own child. Now the Man is also doing the same.

Sometimes the society is making the Man to become an Animal. After seeing his family members murdered in front of the Man, his wife was raped and killed by the gang and his children killed in the religious violence, the Man becomes only the Animal in heart and Mind. Man becomes the victim of all these incidents which wakeup the Animal which is sleeping inside. The only motive of this Animal in Man is to kill all their enemies. Animal does not have the ability to think.

Killing the Animal,
Killing the Animal,
Man try to grow the Human,
Inside of Man,
Killing the Man,
And eating the Human as food,
It is the Animal,
Which grows,

God help Us to Kill the Animal inside Us.
And make Us better Human beings not the Better Animals

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A new year has started. Every New Year is full of new hopes, expectation, desire, dream and plans. “I will do this and I will not do this” kind of thoughts. Many resolutions taken, some may be continuing year by year. But this New Year not started like any other new year. Before the 2012 starts, there was a lot of hype about 2012 and the panic of the World ends.

This is the first time many websites created based on “World Ends 2012”. This entire website contains information or justification for the world to end in 2012. Some justification is based on the scientific facts and many on the predictions. Some facts are end of Mayan calendar 2012 and Nostradamus predictions for 2012. The countdown is very much on in this entire website to end the World in Dec 21, 2012. There was already a great movie called “2012” which has a story of how the world will end.

Thinking about these obviously telling me that we are not living in the present. We are in full of fear and worrying about the future. Today is a Present. That is a gift, that why it is called “Present”. Only God knows when the world will be end.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

Live the life fullest today. What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind. If I have fear of Tomorrow then I am not living today. Live the life is important than worrying about the future.

I am Changing the adjective of my Life to “MORE” in 2012. My heart wants MORE.
Last year I prayed. This year I am praying MORE.
Last year I spent time with my family, this year I am spending MORE time with my family.
Discipline myself for the purpose of godliness will be MORE this Year.
Last year I did exercise this year it will be MORE.
Studying time was very less. Now MORE time for Study.
Books Reading was very less, This Year it will be MORE
Last year I spend time for me, This Year I am spending MORE time for Me.
Last year I spend time for my friends, This Year I am spending MORE time for them.
Searching the inner peace in me will be MORE than the last year.
Last year I spend time for the community services, this year I am spending MORE for them.

I added extra “MORE” to my activities.

I want to add the wonderful words shared by my friend from FaceBook to conclude this post.

On your deathbed, you wouldn’t remember what grades you earned in college, how many salary raises you got, when your promotions happened or how well you did in business as compared to your rival; what you would remember are the experiences that touched you the most, the time you spent with your loved ones and the crazy things you tried in your life. While everyone is aware of the truth, with hectic schedules and the daily grind of life, most of us forget to just head out, have fun, make the most of what’s around us and have experiences that become stories. - By Deepika Bhardwaj.

Have a Rocking Year ahead.........