Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upgrade Project May…June…& July 15

The 75 days of my life started from May 1st to July 14 had changed me from heaven V0.1 to heaven V0.2. Two different paradigm of life. The transition from version 0.1 to version 0.2 was never ever experienced before. My Project Mangers(parents) finalized the scope and cost of the project and agreed the project plan. I was in a position that can I continue with the current bugs of V0.1 or can I upgrade to V0.2 and ready face the new bugs.
Decided to upgrade to V0.2. The last week of the month May the world around me knows that Wilson’s Heaven is going to upgraded. All communications and peer reviews happened with the customers. The KT(Knowledge Transfer) started form the first week of the June. Since my project managers was taking care of the entire software engineering process & QMS, I had the simple job of studying the Heaven V0.2.
My mobile was so busy that no one was reachable. The KT was happened through my mobile phones. Though the project allowed to use the separate mobile & card, but I didn’t use it. The day & nights had gone for the study. Meantime some other project formalities happened like booking of the resource & purchasing the resource. The KT was happened in many places like beach, CCD and many parks of Chennai. I was sick because of the day and night KT.
July 15 was the date decided for the upgrade. All software engineering process and resource allocations done in the starting of the July but my studying of V0.2 is still continuing. It is never ending process. If you know all about the new version then life will not be interesting. Communications send by my project mangers regarding the date and time of the upgrade to the people required. I sent some too.
The day has arrived July 15. The upgrade happened at the St’Antonys church, Tuticorin. We used to have these kind of crucial upgrades on Holy places. Now I am in Heaven V0.2. Already some bugs has been identified and debug the same. Still some bugs are there. In this version I have a lot of responsibility about my family. Thinks are new. Upgrade project is not going to an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than my own sense of balance . I just need to be able to ride each other's waves. Enjoying the new bugs, very interesting to debug.

Note : I am now doing many software engineering stuffs for GM, so can’t come outside of that.


  1. Super Thala.. IT industryku poiteenganu nalla theriyuthu.. It seems u enjoy every moment of ur KT.. and Happy to see u again throught the blog..keep writing..

  2. I liked the first line. :)
    Ur writing style is really very interesting. :)
    Best wishes. :)

  3. @Darril : Thanks for your comments. Soon c u in IT industry.
    @Chandrika : Thanks for your comments