Monday, November 5, 2012

The Box

          There is a box full of air. It is a closed box. It is not easy to come out of the box. And a tiny piece of paper is inside this box. Initially it is very easy for the paper to stay inside the box. But it has to face one big challenge inside the box. That is the Air inside the Box.

        It is not easy for the tiny paper to stay inside the Box.  Because of the air, it is starting to move. The goal of the Air is to control the objects in the Box. To attain this goal air is moving. All the objects in the box have to move. Without the knowledge of the particle inside the box is moving. The tiny paper does not want to move. It has to stay calm. 
      The moving air is trying to control the paper. The wind starts and moves the paper inside the Box. It is good for the paper to move with the wind so that it can see the entire box. It moves from the left to right and the top to bottom. All the particles in the Box are moving, as the paper. But the paper does not want to move.
      The wind never allowed anything inside the box to stay calm. The paper is trying to be stay at one place, but the wind is taking the paper from its place and thrash it to somewhere in the box. The paper has to be on the flow of the wind. It likes to be on the flow of the wind many times, but sometimes it feels that it has something to do.
      Being in the Wind is always happy. You can fly all around the Box. Also it is not easy to go away from the wind since the box is full of air and air only. Either the objects have to go with the wind or against the wind. Most of them are go with the wind and enjoying the box fully. After some time the paper inside the box realizes that it is inside the box for some specify reason. And it says to all in the Box loudly that

“I am here for a purpose”

        The box is the World and the paper is me. The wind inside the box is the worldly things I do every day.  I am here in this world for a purpose, and searching inside me. 


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