Monday, April 30, 2012

What is your address ?

“What is your address? “. If someone ask this question to us then we say I belong to x street, y colony and z city. Everyone is having the address. Objects are also having the address in the form of barcode, ISBN, product code and etc. People living in the roadside are also having their own address like name of the platform or name of the railways station or bus stand name. Even Computer machines have a unique address called IP address in their network. Roadside dogs have their address like Statue of the Gandhi dog or Elliot's Beach Dog. So everyone needs an identity in this World.

Identity comes from many sources. The default one is from the place where we are living. This is true for objects also. After the civilization the man has his identity based on his type of work. Because of this reason there are a lot of casts and communities born. People are identifying by communities also. Money is playing a huge role in identifying the people. Government also split us by poor, middle class, upper middle class and RICH. People want them to identify by money, fame and their prestige. Because people want uniqueness in their identity by using the status.

Boy: Hi.
Girl: ?
Boy: Hi!
Girl: Do I know you?
Boy: I'm Rich!
Girl: OH! I'm Mary, i'm 15 yrs old, single. Wanna hang out? I love your hair BTW ♥
Boy: My name is Rich!
Girl: Oh! Sorry I don't talk to strangers!

Since the people get their identity by money, the objects also get their identity by the status. There are products designed for the High class people or only for privileged users. I came to know that one world famous car company is selling cars after checking their status. Ordinary man cannot buy this car. Billionaire club and millionaire club is very famous now. People want identity by money, community and fame more that the identity by place.

But this is not the real identity.

People have to get their identity by the amount of love in their heart not with amount of money in their pocket. Identity of the people should not come from the number of cars he is having, the size of his building, amount of assets, political power and his status. The identity should be measured by how people are helpful to others and how people are living in others heart by loving. Go to any street and ask about the man “Who is He?” The reply should not come like he is the one having bungalow in our street. The reply should be he is the one living in our heart, not only my heart many hearts because of his loving others quality. This is the real identity every people have to seek. This is the identity which will make the world to breathe the Love.

The status of the people has to be measured by how many people’s heart he is living not with where he is living and how he is living. Those who are living in many hearts are the richest people in the World. People has to be live in other hearts by helping others and by loving others, if you ask someone who is Mother Teresa, then no one will tell about the money she was having. But everyone will tell about the Love she gave to others. This is the real identity. The identity by the Love has to decide the status of the people. I think Mother Teresa is the one of the richest person in the World. Because she is living in many hearts. This identity will not fade. If the world gets this identity, then in the future no one will be asking the address of the people, because everyone is living in everyone’s heart. Let us love one another and we will join the Billionaire Club of Love.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

Mother Teresa


  1. Hello,

    This is a wonderful post and very thought provoking. Mother Teresa is a very special person who lived on this earth. She will remain in the hearts of people all over the world for all time to come even though people with riches and fame may be forgotten.Her work is everlasting.

    Your thoughts are amazing although the question is how many people will follow your thoughts. Every one wants a big house with latest gadgets and expensive cars,every one wants to be famous because it puts them in limelight and brings in rich rewards. Rich people donate huge amounts of money for charities not because they are interested in charities but because of the advertisement value.

    Excellent post.

    Have a fabulous day,

    1. Thank you Joseph sir.
      Really a good questions "how many rich people are donating money for the love of people or the love of fame?...

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